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New Project Questionnaire

Answer the questions below and click submit. It's that easy to get your project started. We'll contact you to discuss the details.

If you prefer you can print the form and fax it to us at 404.529.4656
New Project Questionnaire
1. Introduce yourself
Company Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Telephone: . .
2. What is the best time to contact you by phone?
3. Do you already have a website?
If yes, please provide link
4. What would you like to achieve with this website?
Provide information
Sell a product
Promote a business
Build a community
5. What stage are you currently in?
Don't currently have a website
Would like to completely redesign existing site
Upgrade existing site
Maintain existing site
6. Will you be providing any of the following? (Check all that apply)

Yes, we will provide copy/text
Yes, we will provide images
Yes, we will provide layout/site map
Yes, we will provide audio/video
No, we are looking for help in all aspects

7. List the major page sections you would like in your site. (Example, Services, Products, Contact, etc.)
8. List any sites you feel reflect the type of website you would like. Please indicate what appeals to you about those sites; ie color, layout, functionality
9. What is your estimated budget?
10. Would you like us to handle your ongoing website maintenance?
Not sure, please advise
No, we will hire someone to do that
No, we will handle that ourselves
11. Have you registered a domain name?
12. Have you arranged for hosting services for your website?
If yes, Hosting Company
13. How soon do you want to launch your website?

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